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National Debt Chart
RGScott Friday Sept 23rd, 2005. CityFreePress,Inc.

The national debt is over 7 Trillion dollars and will reach 8 Trillion by about Thanksgiving. That is $8 million TIMES 1 million dollars. More importantly, the rate at which the government spending exceeds income is increasing too.

Here's a handy link to the Debt Clock (a private site, not the government). Unfortunately it keeps going up. It showed $7.93 Trillion on September 23rd.

Also see the interesting article, charts and links at U.S. National Debt Clock FAQ The following is a sample of the charts available there. (We added recent presidents' terms to see how they fared.)

Excerpt from site. See for current data.
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For additional data visit The United States Department of the Treasury web site.


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