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August 30, 2001

  • Independence Election 2001

    A list of the candidates for office

    It's election time again. We will be looking for your views and comments, as well as statements from the candidates on their positions and plans for our city's future. Good luck and thank you to all who have offered their services to our city.

  • Charles Chichocki
  • Leo Glaser
  • Fred Ramos *

    Finance Director

  • John Michael Veres, CPA *


    County Issue #1: Proposed Tax Levy for Tri-C
  • Council at Large
    Seven council seats.
  • Verne Blaze *
  • James Cooper
  • David Grendel *
  • Jeffrey Jermann
  • George Klepacz *
  • Gregory Kurtz
  • Barbara Ann Mack *
  • James Riely *
  • Charles Schilla
  • Patty Wisnieski *,**
  • Bob Zuber*

  • * Incumbant, ** Vice Mayor
    Source: Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

    June 24, 2001

  • Summer Travel

    Independence Sam's Club checks out Put-In-Bay

    Now that summer has has officially arrived, several area families are banding together in search of the perfect getaway vacation. This month the "Sam's Chapter 13" motor coach club traveled to Put-In-Bay. There are five families from Independence and another 10-12 families from across Ohio that make up this chapter of the Sam's organization.

    Put-In-Bay is an island with no direct roadway access but there are two different Ferrys that make the trip by water every 30 minutes. We picked up the ferry after a leisurely 70 mile ride from Cleveland. The relatively short distance made this a very economical trip for even the heaviest of campers. (6/24/01: Gas prices were $1.229 on the Island compared with $1.239 at Pleasant Valley and Broadview Roads) Costs for a day on the island are approximately:

  • $2.00 to $5.00 to park one car near the Miller Ferry. (we parked up front)
  • $5.00 to $10.00 per person (roundtrip) for the Ferry (large groups/kids/seniors get great discounts).
  • $3.00 per person (roundtrip) for the bus into town (it's a 2 mile walk otherwise!)
  • $3.00 per adult (kids free) to ride the elevator to the top of the monument.
  • $25.00 for lunch, ice cream, and a beverage or two.

    Activities abound. Alex Bevin was playing the corner tavern and dragging folks off the sidewalk for duets. The United States Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay was anchored at the end of the pier and had tours during the day. The usual shops, bars and such were complemented by the merry-go-round and historic buildings.

    Our group stayed at the Tall Timbers campground near Port Clinton. A two night stay with 4 kids, tax and hookup was $48.00. Although there were plenty of tempting restaurants and other entertaining locations near our campground, we rounded up the campers for the traditional community fire and cookout. It was a fine time and everyone that participated enjoyed themselves.

    See Put-In-Bay travel.

  • Where is Independence on the Web?

    A list of parks, schools, businesses and the 8 other municipalities that use Independence to identify themselves.

    See the Independence Links.

    June 16, 2001

  • Reader Survey Results

    Should cell phones be banned ?

    We received opinions all across the board. Read what JoAnn Fana, James P. Trakas, Syed Nehal, and Jim Zelasko had to say.

    See the Letters to the Editor.

    Website visitors to the CityOfIndependence.com

    Statistics show 10,000 visitors since March, peaks of 200-400 per day

    You can look directly at the statistics tools provided by our ISP (Rampant) that tell us how many people visited our site and what they wanted to read. (Don't worry, it doesn't track WHO visited, just when they were here!)

    There are some fascinating tidbits:

  • 10000 visitors in 3 and 1/2 months of tracking, averaging 100+ per day
  • 90% of you visit us several times in a month.
  • Most of you check out the main page and if you find something exciting, look at one or two more and leave within 5 minutes. If you don't find anything, you're outta here in less than a minute!

    See the WebSite Statistics.

  • June 14, 2001

  • CityOfOndependence.com Calendar

    Wanted: Calendar coordinator for your organization

    CityOfIndependence.com is rolling out new tools over the next few months as it begins implementing new authoring, photography and database acquisition systems. A scheduling tool is in the works that allows community groups, mom/dads, coaches, teachers and other Independence organizations to post their schedules. The real magic is that calendar users will be able to select which family or personal groups they'd like to see together on one page. Active residents can keep their golf league days separate from their kid's T-Ball games, the church group or the PTA meeting.

    We like you to take a look at the basic calendar a bit early. Calendars are fine as calendars go, you can use this to print blank calendars for every month if you like. But we think you'll like it a whole lot better when the real information is available. For that to happen we need YOU! Yes, you've been drafted into service. You'll need to bring this up at the next meeting.. we just need you to let us know what your group is and who your official spokesman will be. We're looking forward to hearing from you, so jot us a note. Take a look at the CityOfIndependence.com Calendar.

    May 28th, 2001

  • Memorial Day Pictures

    200-300 Attend ceremony and parade

    There was a fine turnout for the Memorial Day ceremony on the square. Residents gathered together with our mayor, local clergy, Cub Scouts and the High School band to commemorate the day and express gratitude for all the patriots who have served our country.

    And what better way to dedicate ourselves to protecting freedom and democracy than with a parade through town. See Pictures of the Parade

    Mayor addresses ceremony 


    Tuesday, May 22, 2001

  • Teligent Files for Bankruptcy

    Local phone carriers' troubles affecting area business.

    Another communication carrier providing services to businesses in Independence seems to be on the verge of financial extinction as yet more ripples of the "DOTCOM bomb" spread across the DSL and telecommunications market. Teligent,Inc. (TGNT) stock stopped trading at $0.52 cents a share, having dropped from a 52 week high of $40.12 on FY2000 losses of $808 million. (see articles: InternetNews: Teligent Files for Chapter 11 Protection, CBS MarketWatch: Teligent Files for Chapter 11 Protection )

    Teligent is not alone in the dismal DSL arena. NorthPoint Communications Inc. simply stopped providing services along Rockside one fine morning, catapulting several local businesses into a scramble to find alternate access for Internet and other services. Covad (COVD $1.09/share from 52 week high $31.87) appears seriously ill and was notified that it would be delisted by the NASDAQ for failing to provide 4th quarter financials. Convergent is bankrupt and liquidating, Rhythms (RTHM $0.31 from $37.50 high) lost $2.61 per share in Q1, has massive layoffs and faces similiar NASDAQ delisting. Area executives expressed concern and uncertainty over services their organizations have come to depend on. "We're not even sure if our new (replacement) providers will be around long enough to finish their installation."

    The city has had a regular stream of permit requests by communications carriers to place antennae and microwave towers on the rooftops of businesses along Pleasant Valley and Rockside roads. Based on recent events (and Teligent's plans to look at curtailing services in some markets), subscribers who depend exclusively on one carrier or another should be particularly wary. Companies are advised to consider implementing a backup plan that provides some measure of redundancy.

      "Installing a backup ISDN data line, or simply having a spare phone line and dial-up access account can keep many of the most critical business communications going if your primary carrier fails...but its got to be in place before the crises "
      Al Kruzer, Rampant, Inc. Independence, Ohio

    Monday, May 21, 2001

  • Homework Helper

    The Constitution of the United States

    For those who have requested it... here are a few links for your assignment.

    Links open in a separate window
    Image Courtesy National Archives
  • A perfect time to be in Independence


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