Put-In-BaySummer 2001

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    Independence Sam's Club checks out Put-In-Bay

    Now that summer has has officially arrived, several area families are banding together in search of the perfect getaway vacation. This month the "Sam's Chapter 13" motor coach club traveled to Put-In-Bay. There are five families from Independence and another 10-12 families from across Ohio that make up this chapter of the Sam's organization.

    Put-In-Bay is an island with no direct roadway access but there are two different Ferrys that make the trip by water every 30 minutes. We picked up the ferry after a leisurely 70 mile ride from Cleveland. The relatively short distance made this a very economical trip for even the heaviest of campers. (6/24/01: Gas prices were $1.229 on the Island compared with $1.239 at Pleasant Valley and Broadview Roads) Costs for a day on the island are approximately:

  • $2.00 to $5.00 to park one car near the Miller Ferry. (we parked up front)
  • $5.00 to $10.00 per person (roundtrip) for the Ferry (large groups/kids/seniors get great discounts).
  • $3.00 per person (roundtrip) for the bus into town (it's a 2 mile walk otherwise!)
  • $3.00 per adult (kids free) to ride the elevator to the top of the monument.
  • $25.00 for lunch, ice cream, and a beverage or two.

    Activities abound. Alex Bevin was playing the corner tavern and dragging folks off the sidewalk for duets. The United States Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay was anchored at the end of the pier and had tours during the day. The usual shops, bars and such were complemented by the merry-go-round and historic buildings.

    Our group stayed at the Tall Timbers campground near Port Clinton. A two night stay with 4 kids, tax and hookup was $48.00. Although there were plenty of tempting restaurants and other entertaining locations near our campground, we rounded up the campers for the traditional community fire and cookout. It was a fine time and everyone that participated enjoyed themselves.

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    The Sam's Camper Gang

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    Sailing with a new camera
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    Braille Breakfast
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    Wake up ? We're just getting in.
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