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Oct 8
Booster's Outback Fundraiser

The Independence High School Athletic Boosters asked that all of us join them in a fundraiser with our friends at Outback Steakhouse. Donations(tickets) are $20
Sep 16
Airport Disaster
Independence CERT, Seniors, Kiwanis and others were amoung hundreds of volunteers tranformed into wounded and severely injured victims in a sumulated airport disaster on Saturday. The drill provides a realistic scenario to help area fire and rescue teams, doctors and hospitals practice dealing with mass casualty situations.

October 2005 Commander Notes

An article from a friend's son. He was commander of a shelter on a military base. This is his day by day/hour by hour notes of the events before and after katrina.
See Commander Notes

September 2005 National Debt

The national debt is over 7 Trillion dollars and will reach 8 Trillion by about Thanksgiving. That is $8 million TIMES 1 million dollars. More importantly, the rate at which the government spending exceeds income is increasing too.
See National Debt Chart

Sept 2005 Independence helps Baton Rouge

Independence friends and neighbors provide supplies to residents of Baton Rouge

Hours after an email was sent, Independence neighbors collect tons of food, clothing, supplies and a motor home for the victims of Katrina. Independence Katrina Response


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